Christmas is such a special time of year and if 2020 has taught us anything it’s how precious it is to be able to spend time with loved ones.


This year, why not add an extra special touch to your gifts with unique wrapping. So, what is the best way to wrap your gift?

Let’s start small. With smaller gifts such as a Tissot watch, Mimco jewellery or a delicate piece from Swarovski, we suggest checking out the furoshiki method! This method was historically used to carry clothes safely to and from the bathhouse in Japan. Nowadays, you can use this wrapping method for wrapping gifts in a sustainable way.


What will you need?

  1. A square piece of fabric (ideally three times the size of the present)
  2. A gift
  3. Optional: extra decorations (a sprig of eucalyptus, a card, gift tags etc).

Check out this video for a great example of how to wrap furoshiki style!

For medium and large gifts, there are so many creative ways to reuse wrapping paper, bags and bows to keep your waste down. When gifting goodies such as clothes from Just Jeans, Uniqlo, Sheike and Forever New, try rolling them up and creating a bon-bon. This uses less paper than traditional wrapping and the shape is perfect to then go under the tree.

What will you need?

  1. A square of wrapping paper double the size of your gift.
  2. A soft gift such as clothes, rolled up neatly.
  3. Two pieces of ribbon, each long enough to tie a bow. These do not need to match.

So this year, level up your gift wrapping and make Christmas for your loved ones that extra bit special.