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We are breaking down the top beauty treatments to transform your skin for the ultimate “Hot Girl” Summer.

We know when your skin is struggling it’s hard to stay calm so we spoke to the team at Leah’s Wax Works and got the inside scoop on what you need to properly prep your skin.



The European Deluxe Facial is one of the most popular services at Leah’s and we can understand why. The service focuses on ensuring your face feels well and truly hydrated and you have the perfect glow. Using exfoliant, steam extraction, and masks, topped off with a massage utilising essential oils, increases radiance, improves skin elasticity, and acts as the perfect general pick-me-up. If you want to take it a step further and spoil your skin then you can add on the enzymatic micro peel, a gentle exfoliant session that is designed to soothe flaking and sensitive skin types. 


LED Therapy:

Anyone who has been in the skincare game for a minute will be well acquainted with LED light therapy. But, no worries if you are not because we have broken down each colour of light and what their specific benefits are. Blue light is predominantly used for acne and general scar repair but can also reduce the acne-causing bacteria. Green light is used to neutralise and balance the skin and acts as a calming agent for sensitive skin, as well as helps lighten under eye circles, sun spots and hyperpigmentation. Similar to Green light, Yellow light is great for individuals with sensitive skin as it helps reduce inflammation and redness by promoting circulation in the skin. The last individual colour you can have is Red light which is primarily used for anti-ageing benefits, this includes smoothing fine lines and wrinkles by promoting collagen production and shrinking the pores in the skin. 



Sisters, not twins as they say! The perfect treatment to round out your Hot Girl Summer skin prep is one that perfects the brows because we all know that when your brows are done, it’s hard not to feel put together. 


Leah’s Wax Works offers multiple services including the standard wax and shape for those who just need a little help, and a lamination, wax and tint package for those individuals who need a little help with shaping and don’t feel like getting in front of the mirror every day with a spoolie and brow gel. For those who really want to wake up every day and leave the house feeling flawless – feather touch or powder brows might be the best option for you. Feather Touch brows involve microblading individual hairs along the natural arch of the brow in the direction that your hair grows to create a look that exactly mimics your own brows to achieve a very natural full look. Powder brows are slightly different in that they don’t use individual strokes, and instead, the result is more similar to brows filled in with brow powder. 


Now that your skin is looking and feeling fabulous we can move on to the rest of your body. After a long day, you carry that tightness and stress home with you through your body.


My Healthy Massage has treatments galore to help heal your body from stress. From full-body aromatherapy massages for relaxation to acupuncture treatments for deep muscle pain, they have options for every ailment. 


Aromatherapy Massage:

Think essential oils and the ultimate relaxation space. Aromatherapy massages consist of the standard manipulation of muscles and lymph nodes which aid the body primarily with circulation, accompanied by the beautiful scent of lavender or citrus, just to name a few. 



Acupuncture is an ancient practice of traditional medicine that involves piercing the skin with multiple thin needles. The practice utilises specific points in the body that are believed to stimulate the central nervous system of the body, which then causes a release of chemicals into the muscles, spinal cord and brain, with these chemicals then stimulating the body’s natural healing abilities. Think of it as a quick little jumpstart for your body.

Chemist Warehouse Finds.

If you find yourself in a pinch and still want that glassy flawless skin, look no further than Chemist Warehouse for a great skincare routine on a budget. We have broken it down into 4 easy steps: cleanser, moisturiser, serums and sunscreen. Our top contenders for cleanser are the CeraVe Foaming Cleanser and the Avene Gentle Milk Cleanser. For the moisturiser, we think you can’t go past the Cetaphil moisturising lotion for the perfect full day of hydration. When it comes to serums, there are a lot out on the market, but our go-to two are the Skin Republic Vitamin C and the La Roche Posay Retinol. Lastly, and arguably the most important step in any skincare routine- Sunscreen! Our top two picks are again the La Roche Posay Anthelios Invisible Fluid SPF 50+ or the Bondi Sands Hydra UV Protect SPF 50


If you look good you feel good!

The perfect outfit for you can really make you feel on top of the world. With Sheike’s new ranges, including the RSVP collection,  you will be sure to find the perfect simple dress, a show-stopping skirt, or a power suit – they have something for everyone!


As Elle Woods once said “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy”

With this being the case- make sure you are the talk of the town with the coolest yoga set, pilates mat or running shorts from Cotton On Body. Our top picks have to be the Blue Smoothing Cut Out Onesie– because come on- who doesn’t love a little throwback 80s moment, and the Pocket Move Jogger and tank set because everyone loves a matching athleisure moment. Pair one of these fits with an Active Drink Bottle and an Active Crossbody Bag you will well and truly look the part- even if you may not yet feel it yet.