Before we talk all things shopping.. What is Black Friday? Every year in the United States, Black Friday is held the day after Thanksgiving, November 29th 2019. This event is where all of your favourite brands go on SALE!

Everything from fashion, beauty, jewellery, skincare and tech are all on sale. It’s the perfect time to start crossing off your Santa wish list!

We all know the madness that sales can bring and heading to the shops can feel like a recipe for disaster, so how do we shop Black Friday?

1. Make a budget – So that you don’t get too tempted and spend it all on one day. Set yourself a budget for how much you are willing to spend over the sale weekend.

2. Make a list for what you want to buy – This helps reduce impulsive buying.

3. Research the items you want to buy – Be organised and see if the items you are after are available at your local store.

4. Use this time to be proactive – Think smart and plan ahead for any events that you may have coming up such as Christmas parties! You can also use this opportunity to start buying Christmas gifts for loved ones.

5. Social Media – Social media makes it so much easier to get your hands lust after items. Search online to see if your favourite retailer is having sale by looking at their social media, or keep an eye on MidCityshopping on Instagram. 

6. Start Early – We’re not saying get up early and outside stores at 6am, but early getting in when the store opens is a good way to ensure it’s not too busy and you can browse in peace.

7. Enjoy – Most importantly, enjoy this day and get some great bargains!