Autumn, we’re falling for you. Cool nights turn into mild days and we begin to break out our favourite jeans, boots and cozy jumpers. If like us, you can never have too many clothes, we’ve put together some tips on how to start putting together your ‘cool girl’ Autumn wardrobe. 


Shirt Dresses

In Australia, we are lucky enough to experience mild Winter months compared to many other parts of the world. That means trans-season purchases are perfect for us! Shirt dresses are a great example of a piece you can buy early in the season and wear throughout Winter. Here are some of our favourites from Witchery. Pop them with a cute cardigan, tights and boots for a warmer style. 


One, Two, Three.


High Waisted Jeans


The high waist lives on! No matter if you like skinny, straight or flared jeans, high waists are still the go-to this season. Here are some of our favorites for styling up or down.


One, Two, Three.


Tennis Style Jewellery 


Keep a taste of Summer in your wardrobe with classic tennis-style jewels. It’s like you never left the courts side at the country club! 


One, Two, Three. 


Mini Bags 


There is nothing better than the juxtaposition of a mini bag against an oversize warm coat! The big coat provides you with all the warmth you need to be out on the town, while the mini bag adds back in a touch of femininity to an oversized look. 


One, Two, Three.



As previously mentioned, an oversized warm coat works wonders for an Autumn to Winter look, elevating jeans and a t-shirt to an off-duty model look in an instant. Here are some coats which aren’t afraid to add flair to your wardrobe. 

One, Two, Three.




Off duty model, the dad sneaker and the classic sneaker worn by all. These are a few must have sneakers to carry you through 2021. Sturdy and trendy – exactly what we need. 


One, Two, Three. 


Warmth, style, durability and long-lasting is what putting together a great seasonal wardrobe is all about. And it’s all right here, at MidCity.