Stuck of being stuck at home? Let your star sign element give you some inspiration of how to spend your time during lockdown.

Many of us are now certified experts in ranting about how bored we are, whilst some of us have seen lockdown as a golden ticket to put productivity to the ultimate test despite experiencing realistic moments where checking everything off that “to do” list isn’t always breezy. Others have become bonafide healthspo’s, mastering the early morning runs and yoga routine, to making magic in the kitchen that actually is as delicious as it looks on the Insta feed. And some of us, admittedly, just want to hit the snooze button and stay in that delightful cloud called bed.

To spice up your day (no, unfortunately the Spice Girls aren’t doing a virtual reunion concert), we’ve listed out activities that are suited to you this quarantine according to your zodiac element. After all, it’s basically written in the stars.

The Fire Signs Edit

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

You have a fun-loving nature and you’re doing your best to not let lockdown weigh you down. You draw strength from your social connections, so you’re probably planning the next zoom quiz night with your friends, being sure to include some travel related questions while your passport takes a break, as much as you’d love to hop on a plane right now. You seize this an opportunity to look damn good and go ahead with your online shopping weekly splurge, even if your savings account may disagree, seeing a package on your doorstep will never not be exciting.

When you’re not chatting with friends and making them laugh, you take the opportunity to sweat it out. If you’re getting bored of your usual workout routine, why not try Virgin Active’s free workouts! Coming to you in the comfort of your own home, every weekday at 2pm Virgin Active will go Instagram live with short and sharp workouts to boost your mental well-being and overall mobility with their expert coaches. Need the perfect playlist to pump yourself up? Try our current favourite playlist, it’s guaranteed to get your endorphins going before you can even say the word GO!

Remember that even the most warm-hearted and vibrant in personalities sometimes need to wind it down. So put your phone down and settle in for some quiet time, either grabbing a book, watching a movie or starting a new podcast to keep that entertainment going because self-expression brings you joy.


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The Earth Signs Edit

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

You are always looking for ways to be productive and organised, although you have to be honest that you’ve been experiencing moments of stress and procrastination. Remember to take some time to slowdown and get your health and wellness in check. You crave nature and luxury so why not go for a bike ride and breathe in the fresh air, or buy yourself some plants or flowers to brighten your space. Do whatever you can to use nature to replenish yourself after a hard week.

You’ve considered doing a five-day juice detox because you’re taking this time to focus on eating a well-balanced diet. You know a healthy body and a healthy mind is key, so you should make time to do some yoga or stretch. If you’re overwhelmed by all the workout programs clogging up your Instagram feed, we suggest taking advantage of Virgin Active’s complimentary access to live and on-demand workouts, it’s everything you need in one play, and free!

You know how to find your perfect balance. You love indulging in elements of beauty, so why not stock up on skincare from Chemist Warehouse or try out the incredible at-home eyebrow tint kit from Leah’s Waxworks, you know it will instantly lift your mood. While your face mask works its magic, knock out any lingering tension by grabbing an adult colouring book or a canvas and paint out all that stress. Don’t forget to take this time to watch your favourite feel-good movie and release all your emotions.

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The Air Signs Edit

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

You love exploring new environments, getting out into nature and escaping from the stress waiting for you back at home. You have nailed hitting your 10k steps goals most days, but now take this time to challenge yourself and take up running. Treat yourself to new running shoes from Rebel whilst you’re at it.

You are one chatty soul, so FaceTime a friend, or chat your heart out. Depending on your mood you’ll either keep it lighthearted or suddenly find yourself having a deep and fulfilling conversation. Since your first love is cleanliness and music, having a spring clean whilst blasting your music isn’t seen as such a chore. Light your delicious scented Peter Alexander candles and jump in the bath, just don’t forget to use those bath bombs so you can feel truly refreshed. With the focus being to wind down the hyper energy within you, this might be the best time to start meditating. We’re obsessed with the Calm app, it will result in clearer thoughts and put your mind at ease.

You’re a sponge for learning and are full of random knowledge, so why not collect all this information and start writing a blog. Write something fresh and interesting that will keep you going during this lockdown. It’s time to show off your natural wordsmith skills once and for all.

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The Water Signs Edit

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

You easily adapt yourselves into keeping yourself entertained, and honestly, lockdown suits you (to an extent), as you’re the ultimate homebody. You’re a creature of comfort, so sitting on a couch all day binging Netflix series suits you, even more so when you’re wearing a cute matching, chic loungewear set from Forever New.

You love spending this time with loved ones, and thrive in the kitchen, so showering them with tasty dinners and baked goods is equally rewarding as it is relaxing for you. Maybe it’s time to show off your master chef skills, either start an Instagram highlight or step it up and make some TikTok videos. Dinner parties are your forte, so why not make them a weekly event and mix up the theme to keep it fun and fresh for all involved. Whether you live with your nearest and dearest with them or instead have to give them a call, you’re a natural at staying in touch and ensuring your relationships are thriving. You’ve probably initiated a few games nights as you see them as an opportunity to learn something new whilst simultaneously filling up your social cup.

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